Map Specifications

There are just a few basic questions that we will ask when you contact us about your mapping project.

  1. Who is the intended audience? - this affects the complexity of the design
  2. Is the product for in-house private use or intended to be available to the public? - this can affect issues relating to copyright
  3. Will you be selling the product or giving it away?
  4. What area do you want mapped? What are the limits in the northern, southern, eastern and western directions?
  5. What do want mapped? Roads, rivers, coastline, railways, major towns, small towns etc?
  6. What style should the map use? Full colour or black and white? Have you seen a style that you like?
  7. If the map is to be printed, at what size? Do you want us to organise the printing? How many copies?
  8. If the map is to be supplied in an electronic format, which format best suits?
  9. When do you want the product completed?

You can contact us by phone (+61 7 3839 0635) or email to discuss the questions above or another query. As soon as we are clear on your requirements, we will provide a written quote and an expectation of first draft delivery date. Should you accept the quote, then we require an order in writing (usually by return email). First draft is normally an Acrobat file (PDF) delivered by email. You can approve the draft or make some changes. Normally, once the final map is agreed upon we will deliver the final product with our invoice for the work done. Your files are kept in our archive system should you wish to reuse them at a future date.